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Starz Blog is Launched!

Welcome to blog site for Starz.pk – a new and upcoming business listing portal for Pakistan. The Starz business listings have been growing steadily ever since it was launched back in July 2008. Starz lists over 40,000 businesses today from all over Pakistan. We are proud to have a large and active community that reviews the businesses and uploads pictures for the businesses that they visit. Everyone is welcome to join the Starz community and share there views on any business in any city of Sohni Dharti.

As most of the reviews on Starz.pk are targeted to a specific business, we planned to launch this blog to cover broader topics that span multiple businesses, or even multiple cities.

Articles in this blog will provide an in-depth review of things in your city, focusing on restaurants, shopping, events and happenings. So stay tuned for more and we hope that you will continue to provide you say in the form of reviews, ratings and photos on the businesses listed on Starz.pk.

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