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I often had this question in mind: If money was not an issue, and being a typical middle class Karachi gal, where would I shop?
I suppose my answer would be a complete homestore, where I would be able to get all in one stop..Maybe something like Ikea. As this isnt here in Karachi, my next option would be ChenOne

With Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms made to die for, I would gladly shop there.Lets start with the bedroom, you will find complete furniture options, different shapes of mirrors for the dresser and excellent variety of bedsheets, quilts and cover. Along side to this is the availabilty of matching or contrasting bathroom fixtures, counter displays,even matching bathroom slippers.
Moving to the kitchen section, you will find a sample table, all laid for, with too-good-to be true dinner set. But ofcourse, all this comes with a price tag.

Another competitor to ChenOne is Habitt, which is in the market for more than 9 years. A local chain, it has designs and ideas which can be compared to any international brand. The accessories available for your lounge, drawing room and outdoor seating area are of superb quality and finish.

And I should not forgetĀ Zubaida’s HomeStore. Many people consider this only as a shop related to children and their related stuff, but there are multiple branches of Zubeida’s with Zubeida HomeStore catering to a complete solution for all your home questions.

Like I said before, everything comes with a price, so dont forgot to take all your credit cards.
Happy shopping!

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