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Go for Gold!

Yup, I admit. I am all for gold and precious stones jewelry. I admit when I hear any wedding is close by, I go the locker and get all my stuff out.

On going to Saddar, I do window shopping on gold items and plan how to spend my next salary.
Lets start off with Shuja Jewelers. Located on the main road in Saddar,their setting of stones, their description, their color combination is excellent. Even the shop is made by a very tasteful person. It appears that one is entering in a Haveli.However, their prices are exhorbitant.A average person can not buy jewelry from this shop

Very close to it, infact its next door neighbor is Mushtaq Jewelers. Initially functioned only by its owner only, their sons have also joined in and made the business grow.Their sets are unique and the workmanship is excellent. Never has a stone escaped the jaws of the jewelry setting . plus they have some margin for discount and can come down to some extent.

Last and not the least is a relatively new shop, opened some 4 years back near the area of Sindhi Muslim . The entire shop of ARY Jeweler is underground with separate counters for each item, such as rings,bali, sets, etc. The counter staff is extremely polite and helpful, but very slow. Negociations are possible and generally done.
And the best part is, it is in the city center,where parking is easy, unlike saddar when the trip can easily take 3-4 hours

Now, if only my significant other would read this blog and take a hint!

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