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“Empress’s” new clothes – II

Now if we focus on the unstitched types of dresses, who tops the list?

I guess its based on the priority for the shopper.Should it be the price, the quality or the trendy look in the cloth?Sometimes, for foreign shoppers, the place of the shopping is also important.

Staying still in Tariq Road and Bahadurabad, as in ‘Empress’s new clothes- I’, lets start with the biggest shop on the block – literally, Portia Fabrics. A shop renovated in 2001, its just goes forward without stopping.Huge variety in all prices, colors, quality and taste. Difficult to enter and leave without purchasing something.

There is a discount section, where stuff is for 11% less. Ho, how can I forget the free drink they serve?

A very new shop is Threads and Motifs. It maybe new, but its probably leading the market. Its copies are available in Rabi Center and the likes.But copy being a copy, is no where close to the original stuff.

Buy them and don’t be disappointed.

And now for my personal favorite, Junaid Jamshad. Their prices are better, their colors are better, atleast that’s what I think. More over, they create for men women and child. Visit their factory outlet and chose a dress at yoru liking and at a good price.

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