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“Empress’s” new clothes – I

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride…

I truly believe in this one!  And in case of wishes, sky’s the limit.Which female wouldn’t love to have a wardrobe full of new, trendy , up to date fashionable clothes.  With the tailor charging a suit stitching equivalent to a primary class fees, its a better idea to just buy stitched suits from some of the trendy shops.

Keeping in mind, that the most popular shopping area of Karachi is Tariq Road, lets start from the boutiques present in this zone.

A very old , yet up to date shop ,Exclusive , is a must visit for all the right reasons. Be it a wedding ceremony, a simple party or a flashy saree that you are looking for, you will find one to your need. The shop underwent a makeover some 2 years back and the stuff available was on sale. A very attractive offer for those who were able to visit it then.

Then as the name suggests, Cotton Collection has cotton stuff, embroidered, block print, regular printed or mix and matching suits. Their variety is average, with similar stuff available elsewhere. No great options here.

Next is Shades, which has good, different, and an eye catching variety. They have office wearing cotton, evening dresses and wedding wear and the colors used are awesome. Their best baat is that they will give you a discount, which makes it all the more attractive

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