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Chicken lovers

Smokey air, choking fumes, loud traffic, louder people and extreme loud kids….the beggars and the balloon sellers are insisting that you buy something from them or else you feed them…

For the tenth time, I wonder why do I come to al-haj Bundoo Khan, here at Sindhi Muslim , a very busy roundabout in Karachi. When I take the first bite of the excellent tikka with oil dripping paratha, I know why I came here and will come again next week, you just cant beat the tikka. The spices, tenderness, aroma… its out of this world. Their malai boti, reshami kabab, roghani naan, with imli ki chutney…  just writing all this makes me want to go there again.

Right next door to this heavenly tikkas is KFC, which every child thinks its a must to be there. In a different field, this chicken serving center has won its own share of hearts.  KFC also started serving rice and arabian meal, but the ‘finger licking good’ recipe remains its top seller.

And next door to this outlet is Nando’s, which attracts people of a certain type. Not everyone will enjoy a masala wali drink, or a Rs 500 ka tikka, served in a very sophisticated manner. As this place does not have a play area, it’s generally not frequented by people with kids. Catering to a different age group and class, this restaurant is a good place to take your significant other.

But even all these hen related places can’t answer the simple question of the chicken and the egg.

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