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A-shopping we will go…

Pleasure shopping, air conditioned location, plenty of parking space, open nearly all the time, good, fast music, ATM facility, swift clearance and polite checkout, instant help. Where can you get all this and still be happy with the shopping done?
Its Makro, what’s else?
What started as a single wholesaler outlet, is now on everyone’s lips. No matter what is on your shopping list, you can get it from Makro. The staff is extremely helpful and courteous. They have been trained on how to handle customers of all age and status bracket. But there are some limitations. There is not a lot of variety available . In some cases, there is only one brand available. Also, there are only three outlets availables in all of Karachi, so sometimes, getting to the right place can be a masla.
But fear not, visit the outlets once a month and get all your shopping . Enjoy your day.

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    I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

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