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30s Hangout Haven

Women who have crossed their 30s or are about to, worry about wrinkles,dark spots,premature white hair, sagging skin,gaining weight… the list can go on and on.

But worry no more… Depilex Beauty Parlour is also Depliex Beauty Clinic. The regular services of hair, nail and skin treatment, also include party,bridal and model makeup. Infact, the reason why Depilex became so famous was that it performed excellent makeup for the celebrities and models. The young crowd was eager to follow it and thronged the parlours in early 90s. Depilex has now included additional services, which cater to both men and women. These services are very appropriate and effective. Issues which come up as the person grows old, which also include incorrect diet and unhealthy eating habits, balding, and skin issues are catered for the middle aged. One can also be trained if they wish to learn how to do above average makeup and hair cuts.

Another equally competitive beauty shop is Queen’s Beauty Parlour. Even though the Parlor does not name itself as a Clinic, the staff has been well trained by the owner to handle cosmetic issues. However, they cater only to females and now have 3 branches in Karachi. Their prices and services are very competitive and the staff is very friendly.

Last but not the least, lets not forget about Bhabi Beauty Clinic. They have been in the business for at least 20 years and are going strong. I have personally met the owner – twice – and both times there were several peopleĀ  waiting to meet her and all praised her. They excel in haircuts and also have a separate training area. Apart from this, ‘Bhabi Beauty Clinic’ also has yoga and aerobics classes that are conducted by professionals.

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