Naheed Supermarket

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One issue I also had was what to buy for my significant other on his birthday or be it the ‘angreezo ka din’ 14th Feb. Naheed Superstore has solved that issue to a great extent. If your better half is even a mild-food lover, then perfumes and colognes are not the only options.The non-perishable food items such as canned fruit cocktails, microwave popcorns, flavoured tea, sealed Danish cookies are a good option.
The typical ideas of ties, belts and cufflinks are also there, but one gets more and more ideas as they venture inside the shop.
Naheed Store has much to offer and the best part is…its easy on the wallet

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I often had this question in mind: If money was not an issue, and being a typical middle class Karachi gal, where would I shop?
I suppose my answer would be a complete homestore, where I would be able to get all in one stop..Maybe something like Ikea. As this isnt here in Karachi, my next option would be ChenOne

With Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms made to die for, I would gladly shop there.Lets start with the bedroom, you will find complete furniture options, different shapes of mirrors for the dresser and excellent variety of bedsheets, quilts and cover. Along side to this is the availabilty of matching or contrasting bathroom fixtures, counter displays,even matching bathroom slippers.
Moving to the kitchen section, you will find a sample table, all laid for, with too-good-to be true dinner set. But ofcourse, all this comes with a price tag.

Another competitor to ChenOne is Habitt, which is in the market for more than 9 years. A local chain, it has designs and ideas which can be compared to any international brand. The accessories available for your lounge, drawing room and outdoor seating area are of superb quality and finish.

And I should not forget Zubaida’s HomeStore. Many people consider this only as a shop related to children and their related stuff, but there are multiple branches of Zubeida’s with Zubeida HomeStore catering to a complete solution for all your home questions.

Like I said before, everything comes with a price, so dont forgot to take all your credit cards.
Happy shopping!


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Recently added to the superb list of resturants in Karachi, Shan-e-Mughlia is barely 3 years old, but has probably surpassed its rivals in the shortest possible time.
Lal Qila was the first one, followed by Village and then came the big one, Shan-e-Mughlia

Situated on nearly 4 acres and boasting more than 200 food items, desserts, drinks and salad, it is not possible that you will not find what you like. Also not possible is to taste everything!
There are 2 huge jumping castles on one side of the resturant and it has a complete outdoor seating arangement, quite windy as there is no building situated nearby and the whole atmosphere s very relaxing as the traffic sound and honking doesnot reach you.

Chicken lovers

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Smokey air, choking fumes, loud traffic, louder people and extreme loud kids….the beggars and the balloon sellers are insisting that you buy something from them or else you feed them…

For the tenth time, I wonder why do I come to al-haj Bundoo Khan, here at Sindhi Muslim , a very busy roundabout in Karachi. When I take the first bite of the excellent tikka with oil dripping paratha, I know why I came here and will come again next week, you just cant beat the tikka. The spices, tenderness, aroma… its out of this world. Their malai boti, reshami kabab, roghani naan, with imli ki chutney…  just writing all this makes me want to go there again.

Right next door to this heavenly tikkas is KFC, which every child thinks its a must to be there. In a different field, this chicken serving center has won its own share of hearts.  KFC also started serving rice and arabian meal, but the ‘finger licking good’ recipe remains its top seller.

And next door to this outlet is Nando’s, which attracts people of a certain type. Not everyone will enjoy a masala wali drink, or a Rs 500 ka tikka, served in a very sophisticated manner. As this place does not have a play area, it’s generally not frequented by people with kids. Catering to a different age group and class, this restaurant is a good place to take your significant other.

But even all these hen related places can’t answer the simple question of the chicken and the egg.

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A-shopping we will go…

August 20th, 2009 1 comment

Pleasure shopping, air conditioned location, plenty of parking space, open nearly all the time, good, fast music, ATM facility, swift clearance and polite checkout, instant help. Where can you get all this and still be happy with the shopping done?
Its Makro, what’s else?
What started as a single wholesaler outlet, is now on everyone’s lips. No matter what is on your shopping list, you can get it from Makro. The staff is extremely helpful and courteous. They have been trained on how to handle customers of all age and status bracket. But there are some limitations. There is not a lot of variety available . In some cases, there is only one brand available. Also, there are only three outlets availables in all of Karachi, so sometimes, getting to the right place can be a masla.
But fear not, visit the outlets once a month and get all your shopping . Enjoy your day.

For the love of pizza…

June 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Pizza used to be a rare thing in the city of sorrows in the early 90′s. As the millennium approached so did the mushrooming of several pizza outlets,with the opening of the popular international chain Pizza hut. Following is the list of the three leading pizza outlets in Islamabad.

Pappasallis:  This place have been around for a long time in islamabad. I used to love their pizza but now it seems that they have dropped their standard in pizza making.  However placing them on the number 3 position on our count down makes them stand out from the other outlets in islamabad.

Pizza Hut f-7 branch : This was the first branch in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to open up for this international franchise.  Their pizza is an incredible amalgamation of sauces and cheese which by the way really melts when you take a bite. Pizzas are available  in thick and thin crust.

A lot of types to order from and they all really have different tastes not like some of the new opening up places where all the pizza’s have different name but the same taste (pathetic).

My personal favourite would have to be the chicken tikka pizza. that really is more suited to our desi kind of taste, and if you are lucky you might find pieces of actual chicken in it.which brings us to why I have placed pizza hut on the second spot in our countdown. (No Chicken!!!!)

Rahat bakers:  These guyz are the ultimate kings of pizza making. They are basically a bakery (as the name suggests. duh!!) and not an actual pizza outlet. They take pride in their bakery items and doughnuts. But I believe that they are just as good in those as they are in their pizza department.

Their prices are on a little heavy on the pocket side, but I recommend you take the pill and pay it because you are going to forget about that when you have that slice of pizza in your hand and take the first bite.

They really balance out the art of pizza making with the sauces, best cheese and chicken (yes, they do put in a lot of chicken for you meat lovers).

So, what’s life without a good pizza hence its all for the love of pizza!!!!

Choosing an Internet Service Provider…

June 7th, 2009 1 comment

Pakistan has been experiencing tremendous growth in the telecommunication and internet sectors over the last many years now. This growth has brought many mobile phone and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These days, if you want to get a new internet connection at your home, it takes quite a bit of research to figure out Read more…

Maid in Manhattan err… Karachi

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If you are a working mother, then this one is for you.

For a working mom,the most important thing is finding a reliable maid and making her stay. Good, hardworking, and honest maids are really hard to find – nearly as difficult as finding the perfect ‘bahu’.

Help is at hand by two agencies, Read more…

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Khaadi or Threads & Motifs

May 30th, 2009 2 comments

Khaadi has lived up to its name and is now a hot spot for all cotton lovers.The excellent thread work and the color combinations are out of this world. Khaadi is responsible for giving a formal look to cotton clothes which were otherwise considered to be wore Read more…

30s Hangout Haven

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Women who have crossed their 30s or are about to, worry about wrinkles,dark spots,premature white hair, sagging skin,gaining weight… the list can go on and on.

But worry no more… Depilex Beauty Parlour is also Depliex Beauty Clinic. The regular services of hair, nail and skin treatment, also include party,bridal and Read more…