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Maid in Manhattan err… Karachi

If you are a working mother, then this one is for you.

For a working mom,the most important thing is finding a reliable maid and making her stay. Good, hardworking, and honest maids are really hard to find – nearly as difficult as finding the perfect ‘bahu’.

Help is at hand by two agencies, who provide working staff for homes.They include cooks, driver, nurses, nannies and workers in similar capacities.

Prince will assist you in solving the problem of female domestic helpers.

Perwaz, on the other hand,  is very good at providing male staff, such as drivers and cooks.

Both the agencies, work on the similar terms. They will bring the staff to your home, charge you up to Rs.200 for the trip. If you agree to hire the person, the amount of salary agreed will be paid to the agency as their commission for the first month.

In case the domestic help leaves within 12 months of your hiring, the agency is responsible for providing another maid without any extra commission.

I have personally hired 3 workers from them for my children. All were very tidy and worked honestly and efficiently.
In case you are looking for some domestic help, these services are just a call away!

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