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Khaadi or Threads & Motifs

Khaadi has lived up to its name and is now a hot spot for all cotton lovers.The excellent thread work and the color combinations are out of this world. Khaadi is responsible for giving a formal look to cotton clothes which were otherwise considered to be wore for the evenings, never to a wedding. The self embrideried fabric can now be seen in most of the weddings in the summers, especially with the mercury on the rise all the time.

Khaadi has also introduced colorful Kurtas for men, with stripes and solid colors. The combination of kurtas and stripes is very pleasing to eyes However, the price can be labeled as high for a simple cotton suit. Not everyone will agree that paying a good Rs 3,000 on cotton outfit is worth it.

Another entry at Khaadi are the the slippers and wallets, that can be matched with your clothes.It gives a good effect and have neutral colors in eye catching designs. Hence one pair can be matched with several outfits.

Threads & Motifs is a very new entry, with one branch, right at the beginning of Bahadurabad Chowrangi & the other one at Zamzama. It is giving stiff competition to the existing fabric shops. I haven’t visited this shop yet but from what I can see, the mannequin dresses are very eye catching and the colors used are very different. The bead and thread work looks good, but to be sure you need to go inside the shop, that I haven’t been able to do so yet….

  1. AROOJ
    August 19th, 2009 at 13:01 | #1


    I totally agree that KHAADI is responsible for giving a whole new dimension to cotton clothing but over the past one year I have observed that their lines have somehow become a bit obsolete and the quality of their fabric has also deteriorated a lot.

    I was very much impressed by what I saw on the mannequins at THREADS & MOTIFZ in Bahudurabad that one day I decided to walk in but was utterly disappointed by their service and the finishing of their fabric. I think a they need to do a bit more work on the finishing side. Rest their designs are good.

  2. elusive
    September 29th, 2009 at 14:31 | #2

    the quality of khaadi fabric has deteriorated alot especially the machine made motifs in silk threads as the threads come out even on the first wear………hope the t&m will not show the same case.

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