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Finding a Shoe that Fits…

If the shoe fits… wear it. But its not that simple anymore.

With so many shops on Hyderi, Tariq Road and Zamzama, the decision is not that simple. Its not always easy finding a shoe you like. If you like the color, it won’t be in your size – and if you like the design, the color won’t go with the new dress you just got!

Few names that are worth mentioning are Metro Shoes, English Boot House, Fit Rite, Shoe Planet, Walk Ease and Flora.

Metro Shoes: Excellent place to shop for shoes, the prices Ladies Shoes!are very reasonable and all types are available. Party, formal and office shoes all at a happy price. The bags are slightly old fashioned. not the ones you would like to take for an official meeting, but the purses are smart and the color matching is available. Only ladies are allowed in this shop. Its a must visit before Eid

Shoe Planet: Not all good things in life are expensive.A good example is ShoePlanet. Huge variety for men, women and children under one roof. And if you go during the sale season, you will end up buuying some good stuff for sure.

English Boot House: Commonly known as EBH, I give full marks to this area of shoe shopping. They have a separate outlet for ladies only, by the name of ‘Miss EBH’.Very trendy and smart-to-look-at shoes. Kids variety is expensive and good for window shopping only. Shoes for men are also available in all colors and styles.

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