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For the love of pizza…

June 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Pizza used to be a rare thing in the city of sorrows in the early 90′s. As the millennium approached so did the mushrooming of several pizza outlets,with the opening of the popular international chain Pizza hut. Following is the list of the three leading pizza outlets in Islamabad.

Pappasallis:  This place have been around for a long time in islamabad. I used to love their pizza but now it seems that they have dropped their standard in pizza making.  However placing them on the number 3 position on our count down makes them stand out from the other outlets in islamabad.

Pizza Hut f-7 branch : This was the first branch in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to open up for this international franchise.  Their pizza is an incredible amalgamation of sauces and cheese which by the way really melts when you take a bite. Pizzas are available  in thick and thin crust.

A lot of types to order from and they all really have different tastes not like some of the new opening up places where all the pizza’s have different name but the same taste (pathetic).

My personal favourite would have to be the chicken tikka pizza. that really is more suited to our desi kind of taste, and if you are lucky you might find pieces of actual chicken in it.which brings us to why I have placed pizza hut on the second spot in our countdown. (No Chicken!!!!)

Rahat bakers:  These guyz are the ultimate kings of pizza making. They are basically a bakery (as the name suggests. duh!!) and not an actual pizza outlet. They take pride in their bakery items and doughnuts. But I believe that they are just as good in those as they are in their pizza department.

Their prices are on a little heavy on the pocket side, but I recommend you take the pill and pay it because you are going to forget about that when you have that slice of pizza in your hand and take the first bite.

They really balance out the art of pizza making with the sauces, best cheese and chicken (yes, they do put in a lot of chicken for you meat lovers).

So, what’s life without a good pizza hence its all for the love of pizza!!!!