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Now showing…

April 28th, 2010 1 comment

Fresh popcorns, cold pepsi and a good movie. That’s a perfect Saturday night for me. If that movie is on a cinema , then that’s a bonus!

Karachi has its share of cinemas and cinema-goers. Even though, the movies are generally not A-one; infact not even A grade. However, once in a while, you get lucky and something interesting is seen.

The four main cinema with the last one being the most recent are:

Nishat Cinema :P retty decent, even from a Pakistani’s point of view.The parking, the popcorns, the gentry, are pretty much like us and you can enjoy a good movie in the coolness of a working AC.

Capri Cinema: Welllll, if the movie is good, then you wont notice the bad points of this place. The bathrooms are pretty clean and so is the waiting area. I will give it a 7 out of 10 score, with 10 being the highest.

Prince Cinema: Pretty bad condition. The air conditioning is also in a poor state, the rows of seat are so close together, that it is difficult to walk normally. Movie watching can be done only in one position, as the seat is not capable of accommodating a moving person.

Universal Cineplex : This was created in September 2003. It is a modern state of the art cineplex, with five full screens and an expansive lobby catering  especially  to families & couples.

The location is also very ideal.It is located on the prestigious beach avenue, right across the Arabian ocean in Defence Society.

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‘Natural’ Beauty

April 8th, 2010 No comments

Just like common sense is not very common, natural beauty is not natural anymore. Its take a good 1 hour before the mirror to get that ‘natural’ look for all the females.

And assisting us females in this natural looking race are a number of beauty spots and salons, who are doing a great job. Some are mentioned below, but perhaps several, which are  not mentioned here , are  doing an equally good job.

Tucked away in the last lane before Jheel Park , on Tariq Road, Queen’s Beauty Parlor has been in business for  more than 25 years. They are famous for the excellent waxing and facials and are average on their haircuts. Their prices are pretty reasonable as you need to climb 3 stories before entering the parlor.

Queen’s and its competitor Bhabi’s Beauty Clinic are serving women of Karachi. One very outstanding point of Bhabi’s is , that the owner, Mrs.Rohana, gives free consultation to the women in need. Be it a marriage issue, or the never going pimples on the face, she has time for her clients and that too, free.

And how can you not mention Depilex Beauty Clinic? The pioneer in creating perfect actors for the Television, Depilex,initially handled actors only. It was later that they opened their doors to regular clients and what a wonderful job they are doing!!! Their bridal and party makeup is worth the price and the end results are superb!

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Emperor’s New Clothes

April 6th, 2010 No comments

Now lets talk about the other gender.

Male clothing and style have really picked up pace in Karachi in the last half of the decade. There is no denying it. The cuts, the colors, the trends have certainly changed and are still changing. Mentioned below are some the outlets providing men with fabrics for a long time and still going strong.

Top of the line is the MoosaJee. Established few decades ago, it is still providing men and women with excellent cloth and material, that you can buy with you eyes closed. No problem of cheating. They have woolen cloth available all year round and same goes for sumer fabrics, available in the bitter winters also.

Another trend setter shop is The Cambridge Shop. Not even half as old as MoosaJee, they are responsible for introducing and maintaining new fabrics and designs in the market in areas pertaining to pants and shirts.Ties of good quality are also available. The outlets are in Clifton, Tariq Road and Bahadurabad

And lets not forgot the man, who for the past 18 years has been stitching clothes for men. Situated in Saddar and also in Defence, Bari & Sons includes pants, shirts, sherwani, coats and suits and that also in superb quality. Till recently, they only had stitching facility, but since 2007, they have been providing fabric, imported and local for their customers. A must visit for all the Mr. Perfectionist out there

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