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Don’t ‘bank’ on us

January 13th, 2010 1 comment

Is there financial institute in this great country of ours that won’t cheat you? That wont try to extract extra money from your hard earned salary. Who will think like a human being and will have some compassion?

I think not.

Try RBS. Supposedly the Royal Bank of  Scotland, their customer service is close to none. Their promises are made to be broken and what ever happens, don’t issue a bank loan from them.  Their motto is ” Why walk to the Bank,  when you can talk to the Bank.” However, forgot the walking and talking.

Then comes Habib Bank Limited. Their services… ohh my God!!! Their main branch will be offline most of the time and you will not be able to cash your cheque, if God forbid, your account is not in that branch.

A not so bad bank is Bank AlHabib, or maybe we get good service because we know the Branch Manager…

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